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Guatemala City is the most powerful in Central America, with modern buildings and business centers. Mysterious and often challenging, Central America’s most diverse country offers landscapes and experiences that have been captivating travelers for centuries.



San Salvador’s perimeter is a profane mix of shantytowns and ancient ruins. Further out, cool volcano-top towns offer respite from the heat.



Honduras is a tourist destination that attracts abundant and varied natural beauty and white sandy beaches of black sand, coral reefs, abundant flora and fauna and archaeological beauties, along its entire culture expressed in their customs and cuisines typical.



Belize is a Central American country, whose shores are washed by the Caribbean Sea. Its tourist attractions are certainly varied, the main cays, atolls and coastal coral reef.

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Beginning with your needs, a team of experts will be working for you.
How do we make this?

  • We know your objectives, needs and your expectations
  • We know the facilities of each location in Guatemala and then we would suggest the best option for your event.
  • We have the best price with hotels, airlines, restaurants, conventions centers, transportations, etc.


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  • Transportation
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  • Special Feast with theme


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