“MICE” Guatemala




Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the most powerful in Central America, with modern buildings and business centers. Mysterious and often challenging, Central America’s most diverse country offers landscapes and experiences that have been captivating travelers for centuries.



Taveler and chronicler John L Stephens, writing in Incidents of Travel in Central America, called Lago de Atitlán ‘the most magnificent spectacle we ever saw,’ and he had been around a bit.


Antigua Guatemala

Colonial and romantic city, is a mixture of old buildings and established customs and traditions. A place of rare beauty, major historical significance and vibrant culture, Antigua remains Guatemala’s must-visit destination.



Whether it’s the mysteries of the Classic Maya, the biological bounty of the jungle or simply the chance to lounge lakeside that inspires you, it’s all here in abundance.


Río Dulce

A boat ride down the Río Dulce is pretty much mandatory for any visit to this region, and many visitors find a few days in Lívingston to be a worthy detour.


Pacific Coast

Monterrico is a coastal village with a few small, inexpensive hotels right on the beach, a large wildlife reserve and two centers for the hatching and release of sea turtles and caimans.


Why Guatemala?

1. Arqueology
tikalGuatemala is synonym of Archeology. Nobody can miss the visit of any of the Mayan civilization cities. The heart of the ancient Maya empire is situated in Petén and the most famous city is Tikal, with more than 3000 structures including one of the tallest temples built. Other cities located in Peten are Yaxha and Aguateca. The tallest temple built by men in the world is La Danta situated in El Mirador.

6. Diverse traditions and culture
mercadoOne of the elements that are unique to Guatemala is the living culture of the indigenous population. For their traditions, languages, rituals and customs that have their origin in the 22 ethnic groups living in the country. Each clings to its ancestral roots and is distinguished by their cuisine, traditions, handicraft and markets which are very peculiar and specific to each population.

2. Adventure

aventuraThis country spells adventure because in its jungles, volcanoes, mountains, caves, rivers and lakes is the possibility to make great and different activities such as hiking, canopy, rafting and more.

7. Fishing
pescaGuatemala is recognized as the billfish capital of the world making it the fisherman’s paradise. It is one of the few countries that regulate this sport using circle hooks which does not damage the fish and decreases the mortality rate of sailfish.

3. Wedding Honneymoon

weddingGuatemala is a place full of magic, with its proximity to the United States, allows it to be included in the most mystic tours, making it an exciting and romantic destination. We can offer you the most breathtaking scenarios with mountains and lakes inspiring us to make your dream day come true.

8. Diversity of weather and landscapes
volcanesGuatemala is called the country of Eternal Spring for a reason, the temperature is always around 68F and 77F.
With outstanding and contrasting landscapes, ranging from the Cuchumatanes Mountains and the picturesque Lake Atitlan to the fascinating volcanoes near Antigua, Guatemala has the most beautiful views you could ever imagine.

4. Golf

golfGuatemala is home to 6 golf courses with world standards and 45 minutes away from the international airport, including one of the most spectacular golf resorts in Latin America, La Reunion.

9. Ecoturism
ecoturimoGuatemala, besides its cultural richness, is lucky to be one of the areas in the Continent with great potential for ecotourism. One of Guatemala’s parks and reserves considered here is the Maya Biosphere Reserve, located in Petén, and containing the second largest tropical rain forest in the Americas.

5. Gastronomy

gastronomiaThe Guatemalan cuisine with Hispanic roots is a mosaic of colors, flavors and exquisite aromas. Each region has different dishes using ancient recipes. Guatemalan cuisine is a mixture of the ancestral Mayas and Spanish, the inheritance of two big culinary traditions both different but awesome with the conquest.

10. Bird Watching

pajarosVisiting Guatemala allows tourists to watch these migrant species that along with the residents make 720 species in total. Through time, new species have been formed, giving birth to unique birds of the region. Biological diversity has enabled Guatemala to stand among the 25 countries with most variety of natural resources in the world.