MICE El Salvador

San Salvador

El Salvador is that little dynamo in Central America that past visitors just keep going on and on about it. Glimpses of tropical paradise, lush tracts of pre-industrial national park, colonial splendor astride pristine volcanic lakes, searing colors and a fierce creative vision sit quietly in the shadows of an indomitable local pride. Here you’ll find a glorious coastline with world-class waves, a culture-clad capital famed for its nightlife, hard-core war tourism and small-town charm by the plaza-load.

La Libertad

La Libertad is a small port town on the coast of El Salvador. It is the major hub for most of the small surf and beach towns in the surrounding areas. Of the things to do in the port town, you can wander around and visit the beach, the amphitheater down on the waterfront among the restaurants, or go investigate the fish market along the dock. They have quite an extensive market with other knick knacks through the central block, which is worth exploring briefly but does not take much more than an afternoon. There are plenty of day trips that you can take from here to waterfalls in the area, other beaches just for a change of scenery, or up to San Salvador to investigate the big city.

Why El Salvador?

1. Arqueology
arqueologia_salEl Salvador has three other archaeological sites in the western part of the country which are easy to get to and well worth visiting. These are all Classic Period (ca. AD 250-850) Maya affiliated sites. All three have site museums. This are San Andrés, Tazumal and Joyas del Ceren.

6. Gastronomy
gastronomia_salThe influence of Mayan culture is quite strong, mixed in with contributions from the Spanish kitchen. Pupusas and curtidomay be the most well known Salvadorean dishes, but other tasty dishes include pavo salvadoreño, atol de elote,quesadilla and semita.


2. Diverse traditions and culture
cultura_salOne of the elements that are very important in El Salvador are the living culture of the indigenous population. For their traditions, languages, rituals and customs are we unique. Each clings to its ancestral roots and is distinguished by their cuisine, handicraft and markets which are very peculiar and specific to each population.

7. Beach and Sun
playa_salFor such a small country, El Salvador has a lot of coastline and the beaches are mostly black sand and erupt with people during the weekend.From West to East:-Barra de Santiago – in the far north near Guatemala border, El Salvador offers us beautiful black sand beaches to enjoy.


3. Fishing
pesca_salFishing off the East coast of El Salvador is generally at its most prolific from November until April during the dry season months, but is generally good year-round. Just straight off our beach 1-10+ miles out is a range of small to medium game fish including mackeral, jack trevalle, red snapper, pargo, various tunas, barracuda, dorado, and wahoo.

8. Weddings
bodas_salDreaming of a romantic destination wedding with an exotic location? This is the place! with its proximity to the United States, allows it to be included in the most mystic tours, making it an exciting and romantic destination. We can offer you the most breathtaking scenarios with mountains and lakes inspiring us to make your dream day come true.

4. Adventure
aventura_salThis country spells adventure because in its jungles, volcanoes, mountains, caves, rivers and lakes is the possibility to make great and different activities such as hiking, canopy, rafting and more.

9. Bird Watching

pajaro_salThere are 540 species of birds that have been recorded in El Salvador. The most spectacular of them include the Highland Guan, the White-breasted Hawk, the Bare-throated Tiger-Heron, the Muscovy duck and the Great Curassow amongst others.


5. Diversity of weather and landscapes
volcan_salWith outstanding and contrasting landscapes, ranging from the Coatepeque Lake and thnn to the fascinating Izalco volcano has the most beautiful views you could ever imagine.

10. Golf
golf_salEl Salvador is home for 2 beautiful Golf courses. Situated on the Pacific coast, a 90 minute drive from el Salvador the 18-hole Las Veraneras Golf Resort lies within a large 450 acre estate and the Salvadoreno Club is on of San Salvador’s social institutions, offering members variety of sporting (including tennis, golf and a range of different water sports)